Fruitful living and collaboration in a stimulating environment requires the availability of buildings, spaces and land. However, these vital resources are increasingly being withdrawn from community access to becoming mere objects of speculation on the free market, the exploitation of which follows the principle of profit maximisation to the benefit of a few owners in cities. The real estate markets are boiling over; gentrification is causing the displacement of the socially disadvantaged, the traditional social mix of neighbourhoods is disappearing, and with it the presence of cultural and creative spaces in the center of cities.

The Tresor Foundation Berlin therefore aims to appropriate real estate for the realisation of charitable purposes and thus to withdraw it from speculation and secure it permanently. Real estate owned by the foundation will remain the property of the foundation. This aim will be achieved exclusively by means of public welfare-oriented and forward-looking measures.

The Tresor Foundation Berlin sees the promotion of creative, cultural and social projects in protected living and working spaces, both in Germany and abroad, on fair terms, especially for young people, as well as across generations, as an important task for shaping a future worth living. People need spaces in order to be able to live and realise their ideas. And this only works with long-term planning security.

These principles are binding for the people working in or for the foundation.